K9 Dog Makes Sure To Cheer Up Her Dad At Work Every Day

K9 Raider not only gets to go to work with her dad, she shares donuts with him. A trained narcotics detection dog in Alpharetta, Georgia, the tiny purebred Labrador is winning hearts of dog lovers with her adorable videos with her dad Officer Phil Ritchey.

Raider not only loves to play with her dad, but she’s really good at her job, says Ritchey. So when it comes time to work she doesn’t goof off.

The pair regularly share videos on TikTok and Instagram showing the ins and outs of their job. Not that drivers about to be searched notice. The first thing they usually comment on, says Ritchey, is how cute she is. But she’s got a job to do so…

@k9_raider281 I mean, she do be cute tho #drugsarebad #adorable #k9unit #fyp #dogsoftiktok #methisbad #dog #goodgirl #foryou #golittlerockstar #workingdog ♬ original sound – Raider

Raider also loves hanging out with K9 Mattis, (erm her boyfriend?) not something typical for K9s, says Ritchey.

When they are not hanging out with the family and having fun, Raider and her dad often take time to train. But a lot of their down time happens in their police vehicle, where she’ll steal snacks.

And she even convinces her dad to play Backstreet Boys.

@k9_raider281 Raider was trying to stop my hype @Backstreet Boys #backstreetboys #music #fyp #dogsoftiktok #k9 #labrador #dog #foryou #dance #everybody #boyband #brianlittrell ♬ Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Radio Edit) – Backstreet Boys

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