Contestant Gets Four Elimination Buzzers, But Judges Soon Realize They Made A Huge Mistake

A woman appearing on the talent show Switzerland Got Talent received four strikes out from the judges only to prove them wrong when she finishes what she’s doing.

The speed painter got on stage and began sketching, and judges initially think she is sketching a terrible caricature of one of the judges. One by one, the judges hit their elimination buzzers and she gets four strikes out. But she doesn’t let that deter her and she keeps on going until she’s finished.

She throws a handful of chalk onto the canvas at the very end, and when she flips the canvas around, the judges realize they made a huge mistake. The audience bursts into applause at what they see, and the young woman bursts into tears. Realizing that they were “quick to judge”, one of the judges goes as far as to get up on stage and give the young woman a hug.

You’ll want to see this woman’s incredible surprise talent in the video below and share it with your friends.

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