Young Girl Becomes Guardian Angel To Pit Bull Puppy With An ‘Unfixable Broken Heart’

When PetPromise, Inc. rescued a 9-month-old Pit bull puppy they called Jean, they saw a bright future ahead for the happy, loving dog. She should have been put up for adoption, but right before her spay surgery the vet heard a heart murmur.


Jean at shelter. Photo credit: Pet Promise/Facebook

After some tests, it was determined that almost all of Jean’s heart was deformed and that she could die of heart failure at any time. After PetPromise heard the news, they knew their little sweetheart could never be adopted…but she could be fostered.

And that’s exactly what a 7-year-old girl named Maya wanted to do. Her mother (and foster for PetPromise) told PetPromise, “Maya insists that we take her, and love her, and that she lives with us until she dies, so that she knows love before she dies.”


Jean with her new family. Photo credit: Pet Promise/Facebook

PetPromise calls their foster their lifeblood and their heroes and said of Maya:

“Maya has lost 2 family pets in the past year, and understands what saying goodbye means. She knows that Jean won’t be here for very long. But this little girl, this angel, wants to foster her, to play with her, give her kisses, and treats, and take her on walks, and let her bathe in the sun, and give her the LOVE she deserves, for whatever time she has left. That is selfless. That is love.”


Jean gives Maya kisses. Photo credit: Pet Promise/Facebook

So Jean is now at home with Maya and her mom and their other adopted rescue dog, Oscar. She will be given medication to keep her comfortable and give her some time to soak in all the love from her family for as long as she has left.

I’m so glad that Jean has the opportunity to experience a family she can call her own! Please share Jean’s story with your friends!

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