Single Dad Surprises His Daughter In The Most Wonderful Way

Single dad Jason Garmon is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. When he heard about a father-daughter dance, he decided he would surprise her and ask her out to the dance in a special way. He wrote on Facebook, “Just because I’m her Dad doesn’t mean I’m going to assume she’ll go with me. You ask out a lady like it’s the first time every time. Always keep her guessing, always try to win her. I don’t care if it’s your daughter, your girlfriend or your wife, the day you stop trying is the day you’ll lose her.”

Jason asked someone to take photographs of the special occasion and capture his daughter’s reaction.

“I had always planned on doing something like this for a woman but I realized the most important female that deserves my attention is already right here beside me,” wrote Jason. “P.S. She said YES!”

Now his fatherly gesture has gone viral and has been shared over 300,000 times. Dad Darrell Hollifield complimented Jason’s actions commenting, “[Y]ou are rocking the single dad thing. You are setting the foundation for your kids’ future. They will always remember these small things you do. Your daughter will measure the future men in her life by the things you do for her. Those future guys have a lot to live up to. From one dad to another, you are doing an awesome job.”

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