Injured Pit Bull Puppy Saved From Fire Is Now An Official Firefighter Himself

This dog’s rescue story is guaranteed to warm your heart. Jake was rescued from a burning shed by a local firefighter when he was only a few weeks old. The firefighters took him to the vet and that’s when the tiny Pit Bull puppy’s life took an even more dramatic turn…

Jake suffered burn wounds to his body from the fire.

Photo credit: Jake’s Page

After he was brought to the vet, he was abandoned by his owners.

Photo credit: Jake’s Page

The firefighter who rescued Jake from the fire decided to adopt him.


Photo credit: Jake’s Page

His new family took good care of him and he recovered quickly.

Photo credit: Jake’s Page

He grew up at the fire station.


Photo credit: Jake’s Page

He’s even got his favorite spot in the Tower truck.


Photo credit: Jake’s Page

Here he is helping the crew check fire hydrants.

Jake out helping us check fire hydrants.

Posted by Jakes Page on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jake has now become the official mascot of the Hanahan Fire Department. His duties include going on trips to local schools and helping teach kids about fire safety.


Photo credit: Jake’s Page

He was sworn in as the mascot and took a K-9 Oath of Office pledge.


Photo credit: Jake’s Page

He was also made an official member of the department. Check out his cool vest and badge.


Photo credit: Jake’s Page

He’s also got a firefighter’s uniform that his mom made for him.

Jake’s not done giving back to the community either.


His future plans include becoming a licensed therapy dog for children who suffer burns just like him.

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