Owner Laughs At Crying Dog Dumped At The Shelter, But Dog Ends Up Getting The Last Laugh

Animal lovers rallied to a shelter dog’s aid after they were shocked to hear how his owner said goodbye. The dog named Jack spent Christmas at an animal shelter after his owner cruelly dumped him there.


Jack at Carson Shelter. Photo credit: Facebook/Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

Jack got scared when he realized his owner was leaving him behind at the Carson Shelter in Gardena, California. The 2-year-old Pit bull began to whimper but his owner laughed in response, according to witnesses at the shelter.

Wanting to do something to help Jack, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs posted pictures of Jack and what his heartless owner had done. Word began to spread on social media about the dog’s predicament.


Jack in a kennel at Carson Shelter. Photo credit: Facebook/Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

One commenter wrote, “The person who laughed..will get his… this is a very beautiful boy. I am praying for his savior to step forward and give his all the love and good home for the rest of his life…”

Although he spent the holidays at the shelter, rescue efforts were mobilized to save Jack. The shelter began to receive numerous calls and Jack got his temperament tests done.

Thanks to thousands of concerned people sharing his story, Jack has been rescued.


Jack freed from shelter on January 3, 2015. Photo credit: Facebook

He was rescued from the shelter by two rescues that partnered together to get him safe – California based Bullies and Buddies and Wags With Love. I’m sure Jack will find a loving home with the help of these two rescues.


Photo credit: Facebook

Jack’s all smiles now thanks to the care and efforts of the animal rescue community!


Jack being picked up at the shelter for his freedom ride. Photo credit: Facebook

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