Man With Scooter Tries To Pull Off Brazen Scam But It Hilariously Backfires

Two young men attempted an insurance scam on an innocent driver only to have the tables turned on them!

Dash cam footage from the driver reveals how the two amateur scammers tried to rip off the driver by staging a traffic accident. The video opens with the woman driving along the streets when a man suddenly pulls out in front of her, pushing his moped to the intersection.

There appears to be a bystander on the corner of the road, but as you’ll soon see, he’s the farthest from innocent that you can be. The man pushing his scooter immediately runs backwards towards the car and jumps on the hood!

The lady driver, visibly and audibly distraught, gets out of the car, phone in hand to call the police, when the other man, obviously the first one’s accomplice, comes over telling the lady that he recorded it all on his phone.

The moment she hears their attempt at a scam, she screams “You are mad, I have a camera, you idiot”.

She must have been very relieved to have her dash cam on. You can’t help but laugh at what the two amateur thieves do when their scam backfires, but I really hope they get caught and arrested! Watch the whole debacle in the video below!

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below.

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