Photographer Captures Incredible Array Of Wildlife Crossing Log Bridge

Bridges are important structures in the man-made world, allowing us to cross bodies of water safely. But bridges are also used in the wild, as the following remarkable video demonstrates.

Filmed in the mountains of Pennsylvania, Robert Bush Sr compiled a year’s worth of animal sightings that he captured on his hidden camera.

Bush set up the trail cam at one end of a log that crosses a creek. Over the years, his camera has filmed the log bridge’s pedestrians which include bears, deer, bobcats, grouse, beavers, muskrats and a slew of other animals!

A compilation released by WSLS 10 and went on to viral success. It’s amazing to see just how many animals use the log bridge!

As one viewer commented, “With all that is going on in our world today, this really makes you appreciate life more. This was pleasing to watch.”

Bush runs the YouTube Channel “Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera,” which is where he regularly posts the footage the trail cam captures, including “The Log (part one)” and an extended version of “The Log  2: Another Year.”

One of Bush’s favorite animal appearances is a bobcat.

Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera

The bobcat, like the black bears, seems to be one of the few animals that catch a whiff of human scent from the hidden camera.

And in The Log (Video one), even more animals make appearances throughout the seasons. Keep your eyes peeled for a mother bear and her three cubs.

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