Human-Sized Crow Costume Turns Heads At Park

Crows are a usual sight at many neighborhood parks, but this one really stood out! Park visitors pulled out their cameras when a man decked out in a crow costume appeared on the scene. The giant “crow” has a wonderful sheen to its beak and feathers.

Jim Fitzpatrick visited his local park in Wimbledon, UK, to show off his crow costume a few weeks before Halloween. Dubbing the costume “Crocus Crowhurst,” Crocus didn’t attract the attention of a nearby Pug when he first strolled onto the grass. But soon a crowd gathered to watch Crocus Crowhurst flap his wings and strut along.

One child asked, “who’s behind the mask?” And other kids gather around to get a closer look. It’s clear the costume took some effort to make. The longer video below displays the costume in more detail from feet to beak.

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