Dog Nailed To Railroad Track As Puppy Has Faith In Humanity Restored With Plastic Paw

A terrible person pinned poor little Hudson to the railroad tracks when he was a puppy and left him for dead. Hudson was saved, but he was in such rough shape that his rescuers didn’t think he’d make it to the shelter.

He survived, but he had lost his back paw as a result. Hudson found a loving home with Richard, who adopted him.

But Richard noticed Hudson had nightmares and difficulty trusting anyone as result of his experiences. He knew he needed to do something for Hudson, something that would change his life for the better.

That’s when he reached out to Plastics Make It Possible for help. “When I got the call I knew I had to help this dog walk again,” says the man who took on the challenge to try and make Hudson a prosthetic.

Watch Hudson’s recovery and how getting a new plastic paw helped restore this sweet dog’s faith in humanity. It’s a miracle moment! Even better, Hudson has gone on to thrive and has become a therapy dog to help others!

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