How To Break Free If Your Hands Are Bound With Duct Tape

This is a tip to help in a very scary situation that I hope you, and no one you know, ever has to think about using. Former CIA agent Jason Hanson demonstrates how to free yourself if you’re ever bound in duct tape.

Hanson explains that by holding his hands above his head and then thrusting his arms down he’s able to free himself from the tape! He says that the reason the technique she demonstrates works is because of “lateral stress.” The movement of swinging your hands downward puts more stress on the cross section of the tape and thereby tears it.

How you could escape if your hands were bound from behind? Apparently, the same principle applies: lift up as high as you can, and slam down with as much force as you can. However, it also may be possible to simply “wiggle out” of the tape using your hands.

You should also note that this technique apparently also works for plastic zip ties – but not plastic ties law enforcement use that are reinforced with metal wiring. Reportedly, the key is “to give it all you’ve got”, by pulling your arms through your body, and not stopping because you expect resistance.

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Also, Jason Hanson has written a book on his safety tips – Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected – available on Amazon.

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