Horse Has Sweetest Reaction When Serenaded By Dad With Native American Flute

Cruise the horse is a very appreciative audience to his Marty Calhoun’s flute playing and has the cutest reaction every time his dad plays a piece of music.

In the adorable video below, Marty is in front of Cruise’s stall in the barn. Marty obviously enjoys playing the Native American flute for his horse as much as Cruise enjoys listening to it!

Marty reveals that Cruise is an Appaloosa (a Native American breed of horse) and says that Cruise loves being serenaded by Native American Flute.

Marty adds, “A little factoid; his [Cruise’s] niece is the spotted horse that Leonardo Dicaprio rode in the movie The Revenant.

The Native American flute makes a distinctive sound, which is often referred to as “warbling.” Maybe it’s this warble that Cruise really loves. And as it turns out, Cruise is not the only horse to enjoy flute music. In the video below, Michael Telapary plays on a High Spirits Contra Bass Flute in F# for several horses at the Animu Luce horse farm in Belgium.

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