Homeless Pit Bulls Rescued From Truck Yard Give Each Other Kisses When Reunited At Hospital

A pair of Pit Bulls lived under the vehicles in a truck yard, but were scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone get close to them. People had been feeding them for 6 months but hadn’t been able to bring them to safety. That’s when Hope For Paws and a group of volunteers set to work to secure the area and save them.

Although both were quite timid and scared when they were caught, the two were quite gentle. That became crystal clear when the two were reunited at hospital. As soon as Lois sees Clark again, her tail began to wag furiously and the two greeted each other with kisses – they really love each other and are a bonded pair!

“Over the next few days, Lois and Clark went through such a beautiful transformation, and now we really really really need your help in finding them a home together,” writes Eldad. “Please share their video so we could find them a home together.”

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