102-Year-Old Holocaust Surviver Meets The Nephew He Never Knew He Had

It was an emotional family reunion that was a lifetime in the making. Eliahu Pietruszka grew up thinking his whole family had been killed in a Nazi death camp, but recently discovered his brother survived and had a son.

The 102-year-old Holocaust survivor met the nephew he never knew he had in a tear-filled reunion.

Eliahu fled Poland when he was 24. His parents and one of his brothers was killed at a concentration camp. But he later learned his other brother escaped and had a son, Alexandre.

Alexandre was searching on the Internet for any information on his father’s family and was unsuccessful for many years until recently, when Eliahu’s grandson helped connect the two long-lost relatives.

News cameras were on hand for the fateful and emotional family reunion. “I’m so happy that I can see you and talk to you,” he tells his nephew. Watch and share the video with your family. It will make you want to hug them even closer.

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