This Amazing Village Is Designed Just For People With Dementia

Located in the Netherlands, a care facility called Hogewey is the only one in the world of its kind. Over 150 people live there and they all have these things in common: they all suffer severe dementia, they require 24-hour-a-day care and they will all call Hogewey their last home.

Hogewey is also known as ‘Dementia Village’ because residents who live there lead a seemingly normal life, despite the fact that there are twice as many caregivers as residents and the residents are being watched at all times. Dementia Village is home to everything, from a grocery store to a hair salon.


From outside, Hogewey doesn’t look like anything special.

There is only one way out of Dementia Village: one door that is locked and under 24 hr surveillance, making the facility safe for wandering residents. If a resident of Hogewey approaches the door a caretaker will suggest that this door is locked and perhaps they could look for a different door.


The two-story buildings form a courtyard where residents can roam on their own and where they are watched by carers, some of whom staff the site’s shops.

Residents are free to roam around, visiting shops, getting their hair done or being active in one of the 25 clubs available at Hogewey.  As well as the psychological benefits this provides, staying active also improves general physical health.  The residents here take fewer medications, eat better and live longer.  And although joy is a hard thing to measure, the staff at Hogewey think their residents are more content on a day to day to basis.


Visitors spend time with their relatives in the courtyard village where carers and volunteers keep an eye on the residents.


Furniture and art in living areas are picked to reflect décor that residents are familiar with from their earlier years.

By the year 2030, 65 million people are expected to have dementia and almost 100 million people by 2050.

Please share this with everyone you know. The world needs more places like Hogewey.

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