16 Heartwarming Moments Of People Saving Animals During Devastating Floods

Many people have been putting themselves at risk to save animals swept up by the floods. Others have made sure to bring their pets with them by whatever means possible or helping families reunite with the four-legged family members they had been forced to leave behind.

Here are several amazing heroes and instances of people saving pets from the floodwaters.

1. These rescuers braved rushing water to save small dog clinging to a tree.


2. Owners carried their dogs any way they could.

3. This young woman carried her dog on her shoulders.

4. This man cradled his dog in his arms.

5. Others carried their dogs on something that floated, like this woman who used a mat.

6. This family used a water cooler to keep their dogs afloat.

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7. Rescue workers had their hands full evacuating both people and their pets.

8. Many animal rescues like Austin Pets Alive have welcomed in family pets and strays, sheltering them from the storm.

Posted by Austin Pets Alive! on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

9. Other rescues like Houston Pets Alive are urging those that are not affected by the storm to open their homes as fosters until the emergency passes.

As soon as the flooding is gone, we are going to need serious help!!! If you are LOCAL TO HOUSTON and had minimal…

Posted by Houston Pets Alive on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10. They couldn’t save their home but they can save their dogs. One of the many families with pets struggling because of floods.

11. Rescue crews from Louisiana helped this family save their 3 dogs off of roof of their home.

12. This guy rescued two dogs who were stuck in kennels on a porch.

13. A hawk sought refuge in a taxi just as the storm broke out, so the cabbie found a wildlife rescue to take care of the bird.

14. This person saved an armadillo.

15. These cowboys focused on saving livestock and horses.

All animals were saved

Posted by Chance Ward on Monday, August 28, 2017

Its all good a dandy. Rowdy Ward and Jerry Harrell.

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16. This man is saving as many dogs as he can.

Watch more amazing animal rescues in the video below.

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