Raccoon Grateful For Man’s Hockey Stick Rescue

A Canadian man helped rescue raccoon that got stuck in his garbage can with the aid of a hockey stick. The funny thing is the raccoon understood exactly what to do.

“Using the stick, I stuck it into the can and its little hands reached up to grab it, resulting in a successful rescue.”

Freed from the plastic bin the raccoon climbs onto the fence and turns around to face his rescuer as if to say “goodbye/thank you.”

Many viewers think the raccoon knew what to do. One viewer commented, “He was so ready. Immediately understood the assignment. Grab the stick, get out.” Another said, “The raccoon understood the mission, and executed it perfectly.”

Others agreed with the raccoon’s rescuer, that the raccoon had bid him a farewell. One wrote, “He [the raccoon] looked back when he got on the fence as if to say…. ‘Cheers!'”

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