Grandpa Drives Over 1000 Miles To Surprise Grandkids With Stray Dog They Fell In Love With

When a stray dog wandered onto the Parret family property in early December they didn’t know he would steal their hearts and end up becoming a Christmas surprise they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Fargo residents Nicole and Nathan Parret were visiting family in Texas when a small stray dog appeared out of nowhere.

The dirty little stray was covered in fleas and burrs but instantly bonded with the Parrett children despite Nicole’s hesitancy.

“We were like, ‘Don’t touch him, we don’t know if he’s mean,’ but he kept his distance and hung around,” Nicole told WDAY ABC News. “You can pet, but be careful.”

After the dog was cleaned up, it became clear he was equally smitten with the kids and didn’t want to leave. “He was so pleasant to the kids, and that is what won us over, but we were still like, no matter what happens, we are not taking this dog home,” Nicole said. Despite the decision, the children named the dog “Country.”

When the day came for them to return to Fargo, a lot of tears were shed by the children on their flight home as they missed Country from the moment they left their grandparents.

Grandpa Mike Parrett took note of the tears and knew that Country was a special dog. So he made a decision. Country belonged with his grandkids.

“I wanted to make them happy. I knew it, it is something you just know. And I was going to make it happen,” Mike said. So he drove 1250 miles to get to his grandkids’ house before Christmas morning to surprise them. And surprise them he did!

Seeing the kids’ reactions, dad Nathan said “it was just magic.” Country has been checked over by a vet and is settling happily in to his new home. And the entire family enjoyed a Christmas to remember thanks to grandpa.

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