Good Samaritans Risk Their Lives To Rescue Blind Man Who Fell Onto Subway Tracks

Commuters at a subway station in Toronto, Canada watched with a mixture of terror and relief when Good Samaritans came to the rescue of a blind man who fell onto the tracks and was crying out for help.

Kyle Busquine was in a train that arrived at the Broadview Station when he and other people in the train heard a man crying out for help. The injured man was lying on the adjoining tracks with his cane next to him, completely helpless.

That’s when Kyle made the split second decision to save the blind man’s life. Before he knew it, two other men came to his aid to help pull him up. It was a team effort as a fourth man – a TTC employee – ran to press the emergency button to cut electricity to the tracks after warning the Good Samaritans that they could be electrocuted by the third rail.

“To jump down onto a track when a train is going to come is really scary, and this guy just did it,” said Julie Caniglia, who was also in the train and witnessed Kyle’s heroics. “He just reacted.”

“Until he was up on the platform, I don’t think anyone breathed. It was like every second seemed like a minute,” she recalled. “When it happened, we all clapped and were hugging each other.”

Watch as CityTV News caught up with Kyle and had him recount what happened.

Caniglia also related the incident and how terrifying it was for bystanders watching.

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