Golden Retriever Sits In Same Spot Every Evening To Watch The Sunset

A Golden Retriever’s nightly routine has touched the hearts of millions of dog lovers. According to Katelyn Nassar, her dog sits in the exact same spot every evening to watch the sunset.

She shared the heartwarming clip on TikTok and remarked that her dog’s routine makes her emotional.

@katelynfletcherthis makes me emotional idk why 🥺 ##love ##dog ##ChewyChattyPets♬ La Vie En Rose – Emily Watts

Millions of viewers agreed with Katelyn’s sentiment with one commenting, “Dogs appreciate the things we take for granted.” Another thinks her dog is an “old soul.”

One viewer who was touched by her dog’s nightly routine suggested Katelyn join him, and she obliged, sharing this sweet follow up video.

@katelynfletcherReply to @justinaverette He watches the sunset in this spot every night – was even better sitting with him tonight 🥺💕 ##dog ##ChewyChattyPets♬ La Vie En Rose – Emily Watts

Katelyn also shared a clip showing that the family’s cat sometimes joins her dog to take in the view from their porch in Austin, Texas.

@katelynfletcherReply to @savmomma tonight he had his bestie cat watch the sunset with him 🥺💕 ##greenscreenvideo ##cat ##dog ##love ##SmartfoodClub♬ La Vie En Rose – Emily Watts

Taking a moment in our busy day to savour the moment is something more of us should do. And this dog’s enjoyment of the sunset is a reminder of that!

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