Golden Retriever Steals Crayons And Ends Up Blue In The Face

A Golden Retriever named Larry is only 10-months old but he already loves to retrieve almost everything. And the other day, he got himself into a colorful situation that had his family initially puzzled and then laughing out loud.

When Lauren Duffy noticed Larry’s fur was blue and red all over she immediately wondered what her dog had gotten into. She followed the trail of color from the kitchen out into the yard and noticed a whole bunch of wax crayons – yes crayons – melted in the grass.

It turns out Duffy’s 2-year-old and 4-year-old were coloring at a table and naughty Larry must have jumped up, nabbed some, and then run away with them into the yard. Their the hot Arizona sun melted them into goo. And of course Larry rolled his face in them.

Three baths later and Larry is still stained blue. “I can’t look at him without laughing right now,” Duffy told Arizona’s 12 News. One person not laughing, however, is Duffy’s 4-year-old daughter who is worried Larry’s new fur color may be permanent. She’s been asking her mom, “Is he going to be blue forever?”

Duffy wanted to share the funny video with everyone on social media and told the news outlet, “It’s good to get a laugh where you can.”

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