Girl Who Was Swallowed By A Tree Shares Her Miraculous Survival Story

When Annabel Beam fell 30 feet into a dead, hollow tree, her family feared the worst. Annabel and her sisters were climbing a tree one day when she plunged into the deep hole. At first, her parents couldn’t tell if she was alive, until her father saw her lift her tiny arm up.

“I wanted more than anything to reach down and grab the little girl and bring her into my arms and it was physically impossible,” her father Kevin said.

The family called for help and firefighters spent four hours trying to get her out of the dangerous situation.

Not only did Annabel survive, but she was completely unharmed from the fall. Doctors couldn’t believe it and declared it “miraculous”. But the miracles did not end there. Another took place after Annabel was released from hospital that shocked her family.

Annabel spent most of her childhood in and out of hospitals with a rare and incurable digestive disorder that prevented her from living a normal, healthy life. But after the fall, her family and doctors noticed a change.

Wait until you hear Annabel tell her survival story in her own words…it’s simply stunning! Regardless of what you may personally believe, Annabel’s remarkable story brings to light the power of faith and how mysterious and miraculous life can be.

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