Little Girl Receives Gifts From Crows She Feeds

Since the age of four, Gabi Mann has forged an unusual relationship with the neighborhood crows by offering them food.

Gabi and her mom Lisa established a daily feeding ritual for the crows in the backyard of their Seattle home. Soon after starting the routine, the crows began to reciprocate by leaving trinkets for Gabi. They clear the feeder of peanuts and leave behind the gifts. The objects are anything shiny and small enough that fit into a crow’s mouth.

The birds definitely communicate with her and she collects and itemizes each of their offerings. One of her most prized presents is pearl-colored heart. “It’s showing me how much they love me,” Gabi, now 8-years-old, explained to Katy Sewall, who interviewed her.

Gabi’s story is fascinating and shows just how powerful a bond of communication can be established between the black birds and humans. Listen to more of Gabi’s story of her crow friends in the video below.

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