German Shepherd’s Great Reflexes Make Her An Amazing Hockey Goalie

Take note National Hockey League, Maggie the German Shepherd Dog is showing how to stop a puck!

The dog, who lives with her dad, Yannick Devost, in New Brunswick, Canada has taken TikTok by storm with her lightning fast reflexes and amazing hockey saves. Maggie loves playing with her dad in front of a goal net and catching the foam pucks he fires at the net.

The 2-year-old dog was born with her skills, according to Devost, who told CTV News, “She always had great reflexes. When she was a young puppy, it was very obvious she was good at catching balls, or whatever we threw at her, she would catch and bring back.”

Since posting her saves online, she’s become something of a viral sensation.

She has a very popular TikTok channel where she makes “daily saves.”

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Here’s the YouTube version.

Many viewers wonder if Maggie can be distracted from the puck. The answer is…nope!

Others wondered if Devost ever gets a puck by Maggie. Not without cheating!

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She’s made some crazy saves since becoming Maggie the Goalie.

Devost uses the foam Slick Shinny Puck for those wondering. He also sometimes gears her up in costume/uniforms, although Maggie isn’t too much of a fan of those, but she works around it.

He also says he plans on teaching her more hockey tricks. “I’m teaching her to take a stick, like a soft mini stick, on the floor and take it in her mouth and to shoot to the net,” Devost told the Canadian news channel. “So that’s going well.”

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