Gentle Dog Loves Saying Hello To Gophers

A sweet dog is making unusual friends whenever she visits San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Fiona the dog has made it a part of her routine to seek out gophers living in the park. Not to chase them, but to say hello. She very patiently and very calmly sits in front of the gopher hole until the gopher pops up. She is mesmerized by his every move.

Fiona’s human writes: “Fiona is almost 2 years old and walks the streets and parks of San Francisco daily. Her favorite activity, on this day, back in May at Golden Gate Park, was making friends with gophers.”

For his part, the gopher appears very busy digging his hole and can’t make up his mind if he should hide or say hello to his canine visitor. But he doesn’t seem overly concerned by her presence.

Fiona’s human says they’ve learned a lot from Fiona’s kindness and says that many gophers have come over to greet her.

“In the end, they share special moments that show everyone can get along if they are just patient and kind,” they write. It’s often hard to get her [to] leave and since she’s such a big girl, so we spend quite a lot of time hanging out around the many gopher holes. Many have come to say hi to the sweet lady Fiona.”

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