Gas Station’s Hilarious Signs Spreading Cheer Throughout The Neighborhood And Beyond

A gas station in Seattle is going out of its way to put smiles on its customers faces, but not by pumping gas. Instead, it is doing it by posting unusual signs.

If you drive by the Wallington Chevron in Seattle you’d say it looks like any other gas-station-convenience store you’ve seen. But the sign they have out front would definitely catch your eye. Instead of the standard specials or promotions that might be displayed, the Wallingford Sign posts jokes, puns and funny messages.

Every week, the jokes are posted for customers and passers-by. Their sign has grown so popular it even has its own social media pages.

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Here’s a collection of some of Wallington Sign’s best quips!

These definitely put a smile on my face. Share the cheer with your family and friends!

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