Boy Abandoned At Birth Because He Has No Limbs Is Inspiration To Everyone He Meets

Gabe Adams was born in Brazil without any arms or legs. As an infant, he was abandoned by his mother and ended up at an orphanage and that’s when his life took yet another dramatic turn. Word of a limbless baby travelled to North America and reached Janelle Adams in Utah.

When she saw Gabe’s photo in a grocery store she told herself, “I’d take him in a second” and that’s when she realized she needed to be Gabe’s mom.

Flash forward several years, and this remarkable young boy has become an inspiration to everyone he meets. His parents push him hard, but they do it so he can be independent and have freedom and choices in his life.

Gabe calls it “tough love” but he does everything with determination and a smile on his face. He can get up and down the stairs himself, he can dive and swim and do many activities that many of us for granted in our everyday lives. He also has many talents he pursues, such as acting.

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