Friendly Dog Startles News Anchor In The Middle Of Broadcast

A black dog surprised a Russian anchorwoman last week when he surprised her in the middle of a news report. Ilona Linarte was in the midst of a newscast on Mir24 TV when a friendly black labrador retriever barked next to her. Looking down at her feet, Linarte was startled to see the dog wagging his tail.

“I’ve got a dog here,” she said in Russian. “What is this dog doing in the studio?”

The dog then jumped up next to Linarte to share the spotlight with her and maybe to get a pet or two.

“I actually prefer cats,” she told the audience. “I’m a cat lady.” But it seems the dog won her over with his charm, as she gave him an affectionate – albeit wary – pat on the head towards the end of the clip.

I think she handled the situation and the dog super well don’t you?

The station later let people know that the show-crasher was the dog of another show guest and had ended up getting loose in the studio. Watch the cute clip below and share it with your friends.

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