Rescue Dog Who Has Saved 52 Lives Busy Saving More After Deadly Quake

Meet Frida, a search and rescue dog who is earning well-deserved respect after photos of her in action surfaced on the Internet. Frida works with the Mexican Navy’s Canine Unit (SEMAR) to find survivors after natural disasters. Her most recent assignments have been the two deadly earthquakes that have struck the country within a week of each other.


The Labrador retriever has accomplished a lot in her few years on the job, having saved 52 people from accidents and disasters, including 12 people from the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that devastated Oaxaca earlier this month.

When SEMAR published photos of her in action, accolades began to pour in.

Now, she’s hard at work trying to save more lives.

She is hunting for people trapped in debris after a second, deadly earthquake struck central Mexico on September 19th.

SEMAR Mexico

Her handlers makes sure she is fully equipped with protective eye goggles, booties and a vest so she can safely traverse debris and rubble.

Frida’s heroics have also caught the eye of Mexico’s president who shared a video of Frida getting to work with SEMAR.

The President’s office also tweeted about her distinguished service after the 8.1 earthquake struck Oaxaca.

Frida catches a well-deserved rest before getting back to work saving lives.

“Frida” the good girl who saved more than 50 people from Mexico’s earthquake, is finally having the rest she deserves. from aww

Frida is one of many search and rescue dogs working hard to save lives.  Share Frida’s heroic efforts with your friends and family.

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