Adorable French Bulldog Throws A Fit During Road Trip

“So the road trip is going well.” That’s how a family introduces this adorable video of their French Bulldog being hilariously vocal in the back of the car. The cute dog barks very loudly and seems to be trying to get into the back seat where the kids are.

But Acey’s family says he may have just been joining in on their game of tongue twisters.

“We were playing a game of tongue twisters and I just think he wanted to join in on the fun,” they write in the description of the video. “The tongue twister was about him as we tried to say Acey bassy pumpkin baby as many times as we could and I think he was giving us his turn too.”

Viewers pitched in with their thoughts remarking that they think the dog is really saying “are we there yet?” A common refrain many parents will recognize.

Others think the poor buddy simply wants to be let up front so he can sit with his human pack.

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