French Bulldog Missing Leg Saved From Meat Truck

Pearl the French bulldog was discovered on a meat truck in China by Slaughterhouse Survivors. The small dog was missing a front leg and in really bad shape.

Her rescuers weren’t optimistic, but she recovered a lot faster and a lot better than they thought she would. After 2 months, she was ready to fly to California for the second chapter in her life.

Her foster mom Leah, with California Road Dogs, learned right away that Pearl is a very easy-going dog. She got along really well with Leah’s pack.

Leah noticed Pearl was uncomfortable getting around but didn’t complain. But she was determined to find her foster dog the best new home. That’s when Ashley, who is a veterinarian, saw a photo of Pearl and knew she wanted to adopt her. Shortly after, Pearl went on a road trip to meet her new family!

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