Four Teens Perform A New Evolution Of Dance That Has All Their Classmates Cheering

It’s prom night and the students at this high school are about to get a very special treat when four of their classmates walk on stage.

The viral video opens with four teen boys dressed in suspenders and matching outfits lining up on center stage.

They are about to perform a memorable dance routine they call “New Evolution of Dance” – a riff on the original “Evolution of Dance” – the YouTube blockbuster video of dancer Jason Laipply performing a mix of dance styles over the decades.

The teens open their routine by dancing to Ben E. King’s classic song, “Stand by Me.” Soon they are shuffling through the dance crazes from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. The audience enthusiastically cheers them on as the energy and excitement in their routine keeps building.

Watch as these young dancers give their classmates a prom night to remember!