Four Terrified Horses That Fell Into Icy Pond Saved By Community Effort

It was a situation no horse lover wants to happen. Four horses fell through the ice into a frigid pond on a farm in Montana prompting an urgent rescue effort to free the animals.

South Kalispell Fire Department were called to help rescue the animals and along with the staff on Rebecca Farm and other concerned citizens, they were able to pull the horses to safety.

The volunteers lined up to pull on the ropes with all their might!

Alexis Langlois, who owns one of the horses, told NBC Montana that the young horses were playing near the ice and fell through.

“It was an amazing day, the community really pulled together for this one,” she said. “Neighbors, first responders, police, ranch employees.”

The horses were in the water for about 3 hours as each horse took roughly 30 minutes to free. The rescuers wanted to be very careful not to damage the horses’ legs.

The horses were taken to the veterinarian for care and cleared by a veterinarian who indicated they all have strong vitals. Some horses have some swelling and sore muscles but will be treated with medication. The horses have rejoined the other horses on the farm.

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