Senior Pit Bull Giving Birth So Grateful For Foster Mom’s Help

At 8 years old, Sugar the Pit Bull was well past the age for having pups, which is why her rescuers knew she needed extra care. Her foster mom Briana Flores with iPittyBull was going to make sure of that. The pregnant Pit Bull wasn’t eating or drinking as she neared time to give birth.

Worried for Sugar, Briana stayed with her day and night, even sleeping in the dog’s bed. When it came time for Sugar to give birth, she did so in Briana’s lap and it’s a good thing too as two of the three newborn puppies needed help surviving.

After the birth, Briana noticed that Sugar wasn’t feeling so well. The dog didn’t produce a lot of milk because she wasn’t eating or drinking. What little milk Sugar did produce, wasn’t enough to feed her hungry pups.

Knowing that Sugar simply couldn’t care for her puppies, Briana and her partner John began to give the “clunkers” Little Cookie, Cube and Cane ’round the clock bottle feeding care. And wouldn’t you know, within 24 hours of taking the pups away, Sugar became a normal dog, eating and drinking again and gaining back her health.

It’s so heartwarming to see Sugar and her puppies healthy, happy and on their way to a better life thanks to their foster family!

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