Foster Dog Enjoys Maternity Shoot Just Before She Gives Birth To Her Puppies

A pregnant rescue dog got treated to a wonderful maternity photoshoot to help her puppies find forever homes.

Caitie Evers is fostering the Golden Retriever named Lily Mae and came up with the idea to help get potential adopters interested in Lily Mae’s upcoming litter.

Shauna Kiely Photography

“I originally started fostering back in college when people would just reach out to me about finding dogs,” Caitie tells “When I moved to Houston, I reached out to local rescues to foster and have been doing so ever since – about 7 years now!”

But the connection to fostering Lily Mae came about because Caitie wanted to help a friend. Caitie’s friend Ryan Fant rescued Lily Mae roughly a month ago after spotting her wandering in a park in Little Rock, Arkansas. He tried to track down her family for a month, but the dog had no identification and the search proved fruitless. He decided to adopt Lily Mae into his family, and when he discovered she was pregnant he reached out to Caitie.

Shauna Kiely Photography

Caitie is an experienced fostergiver having fostered 15 mother dogs and their pups. “I usually foster either pregnant moms or other medical dogs,” she says. “I absolutely love getting to be like their ‘Doggie Doula’ and help [them] through the whole process.”

Lily was just days away from giving birth, so Caitie reached out to her friend and photographer Shauna Kiely.

Shauna Kiely Photography

Shauna has been involved in animal rescue for some time, having been impacted by “the estimated hundreds-of-thousands of homeless dogs in cats in the Houston area alone,” she says.

Shauna Kiely Photography

“I have been involved in a variety of ways with helping these animals; donating my time and photography skills is just one,” she writes “I want to show through my photography that these dogs and cats in need are beautiful creatures and are very deserving of a forever home.”

Lily Mae turned out to be an easy subject, enjoying the cuddles and hugs she got throughout the half-hour photoshoot.

Shauna Kiely Photography

Just two days later, Lily Mae gave birth and is loving motherhood. “Their mom loves them so much but is comfortable letting me help her and love on them,” says Caitie.

Caitie asked her Instagram family to help name the eight puppies and they suggested Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs since there are seven boys and one girl. “The chances of that are crazy,” she laughs.

A week later and the puppies are “doing great” according to Caitie. “They are chunky and healthy and so snuggly,” she says.

Instagram @caitiesfosterfam

Instagram @caitiesfosterfam

She adds, “They will crawl to me and snuggle on my lap already, which is so cute for this age.”

Instagram @caitiesfosterfam

And the photoshoot has been a tremendous success. Lily Mae and her photos went viral and have garnered a lot of interest. Adoption applications for her puppies are now being accepted through Chip N Snip for Houston area residents (look under “Lily Mae’s puppies).

For Kiely, the entire experience has been very satisfying. She says, “I never thought any of my photography would go viral, but in hopes that one day it would, it could help – not just one animal in need – but bring awareness to the millions of animals who deserve a chance.”

To follow more of Caitie’s doggie foster family and read the latest on Lily Mae and her puppies, visit CaitiesFosterFam on Instagram.

To see more of Shauna’s photography you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook and visit her website.

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