Resourceful Farmer Saves Newborn Calf From Freezing To Death By Taking A Dip In Hot Tub

Indiana farmer Dean Gangwer keeps over a hundred cattle on his farm. Recently, there was one newborn calf he had to give extra special attention to after the baby’s life was in danger. Unbeknownst to Gangwer, one of his heifers gave birth away from the herd in the cold weather.

“She decided to go off by herself, which a lot of cows do, they want to be alone,” he explained to RTV6. “[In a] big old pile of snow, I found this calf laying in there.”

The newborn was freezing and barely breathing, so Gangwer rushed the baby cow back home. He knew he had to get the calf’s body temperature back up and decided the best way to do that would be to warm the baby animal in his hot tub.

So, getting into the tub fully dressed, he held the calf in the water for an hour until he revived. Afterwards, the baby, now named Leroy, was wrapped in electric blankets and kept warm. Leroy has fully recovered and will rejoin the herd soon!

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