Family Has Emotional Reunion With Their Dog Who Lived As A Stray For Over 4 Years

After living on the streets for four and a half years, a dog named Chuck was reunited with his family. Chuck went missing from his home in 2007 after escaping his yard. Although the Nakkim family searched extensively for their beloved dog, they were unsuccessful.

Flash forward many years later and just a few miles from their home. Linda Shelton was walking to work when she noticed an emaciated dog wandering the city streets. She befriended him and brought him to her office despite the fact that he stunk. Under his smell and grime, Linda could see the dog had a big heart. She also noticed a faded ID tag. It lead Chuck back home to the Nakkims.

Chuck had lost 40 pounds in his time away but was his same lovable self. Here is the home video of Chuck reuniting with his family. Family members reacted in shock and then cried tears of joy when they realized the dog in their yard was Chuck.

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