Family Rescues Severely Beaten Dog While Out Playing Pokemon Go

Three boys and their mother were out together playing the extremely popular Pokeman Go mobile game when they stumbled across a dog barely clinging to life.

The Thomas family found the beagle dragging himself along the ground near the train tracks in Harlan County, Kentucky. The dog had been severely beaten, shot and was missing part of his ear and tail!

Fortunately for the dog, Elizabeth Thomas is a nurse and she immediately tended to the wounded dog before they carried him home. Although Elizabeth said she didn’t expect the dog to make it through the night, the dog pulled through and the family was able to take him to Harlan County Animal Shelter the following morning.

“It’s mind-blowing. That was not what we expected when we left that night to go walking and play that game,” Elizabeth told WYMT.

The boys were also stunned by their discovery. One of the boys said, “It feels kinda great that we were able to save a dog while we were playing a game.”

The dog has been named “Ash” after a Pokeman lead character and is on the mend at the shelter. In even better news, the family hopes to adopt Ash when he’s fully recovered.

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