Family Out Cycling Save Young Dog With Plastic Bottle On Head

A poor dog would have died from either suffocation or starvation because of a plastic bottle stuck on her head. But luckily for her, she met some angels on two wheels.

A group of friends and family out for a bicycle ride in the outskirts of the town of Santiago de Querétaro in Mexico came to the dog’s rescue.

Grupo MTC Nrcbikes

In the video shared to social media, the group of cyclists approach the dog, whose head is completely covered with a dirty, discarded plastic bottle. The man struggles to remove the bottle but a young girl comes to his aid and holds the dog while he peels back the plastic to free the dog.

Grupo MTC Nrcbikes


Afterwards, the young dog is so grateful when the bottle is gone that she dances in front of her rescuers and thanks the young girl by running up to her to get petted and leap up on her excitedly.

In the video, other plastic bottles can be seen scattered about. Apparently, the town has a lot of plastic waste dumped in the outskirts and litter is a real problem. And as you can, see the waste poses a danger to animals.

Grupo MTC Nrcbikes

The cyclists, who belong to the MTC NrcBikes Group, regularly cycle in the area were praised on social media for their kind act.

It’s not known if the puppy has an owner or if the cyclists stayed with her or took her home. We can only hope she was adopted by the family as it is clear that she was instantly attached to the young girl who saved her!

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