Whole Family Overcome With Emotion After Boy Gets Color Blind Glasses For His Birthday

When Redditor and dad Raising_Danger decided to get his son, Jude, the present he asked for for his 10th birthday, he wasn’t expecting it to become such an emotional moment for the entire family.

Jude, who has color blindness, was the first to be overcome with emotion when he got the special pair of glasses he wanted. The family had thoughtfully prepared a room filled with colored balloons for the surprise gift. And mom even painted her nails rainbow colors.

In the video, Jude enters a room filled with the colored balloons. His mom tells him to look for his gift among them and he pulls out a package and begins unwrapping it. The moment he realizes it’s a pair of Enchroma glasses he shouts with joy and breaks down in tears. He runs over to his mom and gives her a big hug telling everyone “Thank you so much.”

His dad shared a sweet video of his son reacting to the gift which you can watch below:

Jude’s 13-year-old brother is also overcome with emotion by seeing Jude’s happiness.

Raising_Danger / reddit

Dad encourages his son to try them on and encourages him to look at the balloons. “Thank you so much,” Jude says again and goes back to hugging mom. “This will help me so much,” Jude adds. Even Dad starts to sniffle from behind the camera. It’s such a touching moment, that it’s no wonder the video is going viral on reddit.

According to Raising_Danger, Jude was diagnosed with deuteranomoly when he was 8-years-old. This means Jude has a hard time seeing reds or greens. But the family waited a few years to get him the glasses because of a number of factors.

Raising_Danger commented on reddit, “He wasn’t diagnosed until 2020, they were almost $500 at that time and I was afraid as a kid he would break or lose them quickly. The price has dropped and I got them on sale and with a 2 year warranty for only $175, which was more within my budget.” He added that “He [Jude] has also proven that he can care for things without destroying them.”

Dad also acknowledged what other Redditors pointed out – that the glasses won’t “make a huge jump in what he sees” and don’t work for everyone. Dad wrote, “I am told it depends on the person. They [the glasses] don’t restore color, but filter it to help distinguish between the colors they have problems seeing.”

Of his son’s reaction, Dad wrote, “I think the over the top reaction was more the excitement of having them than a huge jump in what he sees. I think it takes some time to adjust to the glasses.”

Raising_Danger / reddit

Jude has only had them for a day so dad doesn’t expect instant feedback. “He only got them yesterday and it takes time for his eyes to adjust to them. I think it will get better over the next few weeks.”

Other people commended Dad on his other’s son’s empathy. Of his older son crying, Raising_Danger said, “He’s very sensitive for a 13 year old.”

Raising_Danger / reddit

Many other redditors were more interested in Jude’s hair and what was going on with it. Raising_Danger revealed that Jude wants a full hawk instead of a half “so this is the growing out stage. The curls make it a bit unruly.”

The majority of comments on the video was just how sweet and loving the family are with each other.

“I think one of the sweetest things was the mom even painted her nails different colors. The little things that parents do goes so far,” commented one redditor.

“I think the sweetest thing is the older brothers reaction…He’s fighting the tears for his little bro,” wrote another.

“Aww, the dad is trying not to cry while holding the camera,” observed one viewer.

And one happy viewer summed things up nicely: “There is so much love radiating off your family. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this.”

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