Family Discover Mountain Lion Napping On Their Doorstep

At first, Kathy Inman thought the big animal laying on her front porch was a dog. But when the Heber City, Utah resident took a closer look, she realized it was most definitely NOT someone’s pet. It was a large mountain lion sunning herself and taking a nap.

Kathy tapped the glass, but the big cat wasn’t fazed in the least. As the cat didn’t budge, Kathy called the wildlife authorities to let them know of the cougar’s visit to her home and kept herself and the kids indoors.

Inman’s neighbor, Rhett Riding, was in the neighborhood and snapped some candid photos of the lounging mountain lion.

Eventually animal control officers showed up with a tranquilizer gun and darted the sleepy cat. It took about an hour for the sedative to take effect, but when it did, the neighborhood’s unexpected wild visitor was taken away safely.

The next day, she was released back into the wild, far from the suburbs she had strolled into.

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