Enormous 29-Pound Cat Getting A Home And A Special Diet After Being Found On The Streets

A 29-pound cat was found wandering the streets of California. A good Samaritan lugged him in to the Pasadena Humane Society where he seems to be loving the accommodations.

The Himalayan cat they’ve dubbed “Chubbs” had fur that was deeply matted and it was causing him pain. But now he’s all cleaned up and resting in the staff’s office because he’s too big for a kennel.

“Chubbs has taken up residence in a staff office because he’s too large to fit comfortably in a kennel,” rescuers wrote online. “He has a sweet disposition, but his heavy load makes it uncomfortable to move around freely.”

The 10-year-old cat had no record of where he was from – no microchip and no ID. So they waited a few days to see if an owner would step forward and when no one did he was made available for adoption on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at noon.

The cat dubbed “29 pounds of love” didn’t have to wait long. Within an hour of him being put up for adoption, the shelter announced the news that Chubbs has been adopted! (He had a lineup of potential adopters.)

His new family will be putting him on a diet with supervision and help from the Pasadena Humane Society and a veterinarian. As the humane society says, “While we know Chubbs is adorable, obese cats are more likely to suffer from health issues like heart disease, diabetes and thyroid issues.”

Pasadena Humane Society

I’m so glad to hear he’ll be looked after properly and has found a family who will look after him like he deserves!