Enjoy Your Corn On The Cob Silk Free With This Handy Tip

Husking a corn cob can be an annoying task when it comes to dealing with the corn silk. But Chef John from Food Wishes has a favorite method for removing the silk from corn cobs and shares his handy tip!

First, it looks like he has already removed the dirty outer leaves from the husk. Then he places it in the microwave with the husk on and cooks it for 3.5 minutes. He removes it with a towel so he doesn’t burn his fingers and brings it over to a cutting board. He then cuts of the bottom hinge and squeezes the tapered end to push the corn cob out. Voila! Virtually no corn silk and it’s ready to eat!

Many viewers say they have been using this method for years. But a few had a few extra tips to add to Chef John’s method. One person commented, “Been doing this that way for at least 10 years,” before adding, “Use 4 minutes.”

Another wrote, “It is easier to chop off the stalk end before you put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Then all you have to do is pull off the shuck. All the silks will come off when you pull the shuck off. Enjoy. It is my favorite way to fix corn.”

A few pointed out that this method may not always be the preferred method. “I wouldn’t do it for our homegrown, unsprayed corn because I want to see what’s inside the husk, prefer corn without cooked ‘bug protein’ lol,” one viewer commented. “Sorry, I disagree with this method. It does remove the silk, but corn is chewy and unappealing. Boiling is best,” said another.

Let the debates begin!

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