Employees Have Impromptu Dance Party To ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ Until Their Boss Walks In

“Sometimes you just gotta have a group dance break at work,” says Kelsey Hogan. The worker in Danville, AL, posted a funny security camera video of her and her coworkers dancing to “Cotton Eye Joe.” That is until their boss suddenly walks in.

Watch what unfolds in the TikTok video below:

@itsk.elsey Sometimes you just gotta have a group dance break at work…. til your boss walks up😂😂 #fyp #workshenanagins #cottoneyejoe #danceparty ♬ Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex

Kelsey is the one that gets the party started and when her co-worker Lauren sees Kelsey boogying, she joins in. Soon Trosha gets up from her seat to let loose and the trio dance until they are suddenly caught off guard when their boss appears. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Kelsey’s video of their impromptu dance party has gone viral probably because people can identify with the feeling of just wanting to break loose and dance at work! We have a feeling that Kelsey may have just started a new dance craze.

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