Elvis Presley Can’t Stop Laughing In This Vegas Concert From 1969

Elvis Presley’s charm and stage presence was legendary, and so was his sense of humor. When Elvis was in the mood to be funny he would occasionally change the lyrics of his songs.

During one of his sold-out shows in Las Vegas back in 1969 he decided to lighten the mood and ad lib some lyrics while he was singing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”. Instead of singing the line, “Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?” he sang “Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair”.

That’s when Elvis and the audience were in for a big surprise. As soon as he sung the lyrics a man in the front row removed his wig and began dancing to the music. As you are about to hear in the audio track of the concert, Elvis couldn’t stop laughing at the absurd moment.

Years later, the live recording became a UK Top 30 hit in 1982 after being commercially released.

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