Park Ducks Impatiently Wait For Man Who Feeds Them

In winter, many birds spend their days foraging for food. But these lucky ducks get breakfast hand delivered by Jitesh Parmar, aka ‘the bird whisperer’.

“Parmar feeds the ducks, geese, swans and yes, even seagulls at Roath Lake Cardiff [in the UK] all throughout winter at approximately 8am,” writes Sreedharan Subramaniam, who shot the video. “He started this because there are usually fewer people at the park feeding these birds during winter.”

On this particular day he was running a little late…which meant the impatient ducks took over the street to meet him half way and hurry him along!

Subramanian says, “This video was actually intended to show his daughters how the birds are usually all waiting by the side of the road like people waiting to hop on a bus. It was just his luck that he was 15 minutes late on this occasion and the birds decided to walk up the direction they usually see him coming. A big THANK YOU to all the commuters on the road who patiently waited for the birds to get across.”

Subramanian and Parmar want to assure everyone that no birds were harmed or fed bread in the making of the video.

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