Duck Eats Peas Really, Really Fast

Who knew watching a duck eat could be so satisfying? In this viral video, a pet duck is about to get a special treat. The duck’s owner has weighed out a bowl of green peas and puts it on the floor only for the duck to gobble them down in just a few seconds!

A friendly cat sitting nearby is a bit intimidated by the voracious appetite of his feathered friend and watches from a safe distance away.

It seems that peas may just be THE favorite snack for ducks.

“Peas are like crack for ducks,” a former duck owner commented after seeing the video. “If you want to feed the ducks then stay clear of the bread (which isn’t good for them for many reasons; lack of nutrition and being hard to digest being the main ones) and bring some grain or peas (or both) instead.”

He added, “You can even put some corn in the mixer and make cracked corn – ducks eat rock pebbles and sand to aid them with the digestion so cracked corn is nothing for them and actually helpful.”

There you have it. If you want a very happy duck, serve them peas!

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