Dolphin Sees Diver Take Off His Fin, Brings Him Another One Next Visit

Evan Pender regularly freedives off the west coast of Ireland and regularly meets a wild wild dolphin he has named “Dusty.” And it was on one of his dives that Dusty did something unbelievable!

Evan had to adjust one of his fins and took it off while Dusty watched on. The next day, when Evan was diving again, Dusty brought him a snorkeling fin that he had found in the ocean!

The two ended up playing with the fin in the water. What a remarkable exchange! Viewers marvelled at the dolphin’s actions.

“This gave me chills, in a good kind of way. Amazing! You were in such a fortunate position, one could only imagine all the emotions and senses you were experiencing, together in the same domain as the Dolphin. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this gem of a footage with us,” wrote one viewer.

Ron Shock wrote, “GREAT experience…! As a retired zoo keeper, I know that animals, life in general, is Way more intelligent, than what we have been taught.”

Samantha Wigley said, “I was smiling ALL the way through….what a precious encounter!”

And Michael Paulissen spoke for many when he commented, “The intelligence the dolphin expressed by remembering where he saw a swim fin and then taking time out of his day to bring it in order to communicate with a human is staggering! This truly a display of next level intelligence.”

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