16 Dogs Who Refuse To Let Their Owners Use The Bathroom Alone

Dogs don’t want to leave you alone, even when you have to use the restroom. And why should they? They just may have your best interest at heart.

You know that thing dogs do when they poop, when they look up to you for moral support. They’re asking for protection, when they are at their most vulnerable. So it only seems right that they offer you the same emotional support when you go to the bathroom too.

Of course, there can be other reasons for their “intrusion”. Perhaps they are simply curious. Or maybe they love you so much they want to be by your side at all times. And being a pack animal, what’s privacy about anyways? The dogs in these photos certainly think it’s overrated.

1. “Can’t use the bathroom in peace without this guy wanting to hang out.”

2. “Some privacy, please.”

3. “My dog follows me into the washroom…I started documenting it.”

My dog follows me into the washroom……I started documenting it

4. “My dog always follows me into the bathroom and just stares.”

5.”My dog also stares at me while going to the bathroom…”

6. “My dog also follows me in to the bathroom.”

7. “My dog loves to keep me company in the bathroom.” So does the photographer it seems!

8. “Dogs always cast judgement when you are in the bathroom…”

9. “Dogs are great too if zero bathroom privacy is ur goal in life.”

10. “Thought my dog was with me in the bathroom, then walked out to look for her.”

11. “Need to fix the bathroom door lock.”

12. “My dog has attachment issues.”

13. “Having a dog means saying goodbye to bathroom privacy.”

14. “I used to live in my parent’s house with my three sisters. I’ve recently moved into my own house with just my wife. That must mean that when I poop, I don’t have to lock the door anymore, right? Wrong.”

But sometimes they’re needed in an emergency, and all is forgiven.

15. “Ok so this morning…I was in the bathroom and my boyfriend was in the second bathroom…so when i was done I realized there was no toilet paper. I yelled to my bf that i needed paper.. but he couldn’t get up lol so he asked Ozzy to come see him, and asked me to call him back..this photo is Ozzy that rescued me – the only thing he found was a cable charger for the phone. Good boy.”

16. “The moment when you run out of toilet paper then remember why you trained your dog to play fetch.”

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