7 Dogs Saved From Mountain Highway Create Happy Chaos In Rescuer’s Home

She wasn’t expecting to have a house full of large puppies just before Christmas. But when this dog rescuer received a message to come save nine dogs on a mountain highway in Northern California, she drove to where they were dumped and squeezed all the dogs into her hatchback.

reddit / @LostWingnut

Redditor LostWingnut shared a heartwarming video of the ensuing chaos after the dogs had be de-ticked and came inside to meet her four dogs. She shared the video, writing, “I just picked up some dogs that were dumped on a mountain highway… my house.. is chaos. (Don’t worry I have pending homes and fosters for them.).”

Well.. I’ve got the 7 rescue pups.. haha it’s a shitshow

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People immediately asked LostWingnut more about the unusual rescue and how she came to save so many dogs. She explained that nine puppies were dumped about six weeks ago but when rescuers first went to find them the dogs had disappeared into the woods. Then, the night before she posted the video, the dogs were spotted back on the highway.

She explained on Imgur that she was contacted because “animal control was coming to put them down as the shelters are full…I am mostly an emergency rescue. I only take animals that are in life or death situations and need to get out now.”

Sadly, two of the dogs had been hit by cars before she arrived and did not survive, but LostWingnut managed to lure the remaining seven dogs over to her car with relative ease.

reddit / LostWingnut

LostWingnut wrote, “Two were hit by cars before we made it there sadly, and the rest were hiding near the road. Once one came out for food the rest followed and were easy to pick up and put in the car. They were taken to my friend’s house but couldn’t stay there so we got them last night and brought them to my house.”

reddit / LostWingnut

It was still a three hour drive with puking puppies but the seven puppies were healthy except for the ticks they were infested with. LostWingnut wrote, “They got really lucky…I pulled off like a million ticks and they are full, happy and warm for the first time in who knows how long.”

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“It’s a whole litter of same age puppies,” LostWingnut added. “I have been asking around but it is looking like a dump.”


As for the heartwarming video, it was taken around six hours after they arrived at LostWingnut’s home and 2:30am in the morning (after she got up to go to work).

She said four of the dogs are owned by her and her girlfriend. “The white bulldog. The wold mix, the German Shepard, and the pit mix. They are all fixed.” The puppies had all been cleaned and “had already been outside to poop and were just chilling when I took video.”

reddit / @LostWingnut

She said that the puppies will “probably be huge.” “Their paws are at least as big as my wolf dog’s paws were when he was that young.”

The puppies all have pending homes and fosters awaiting them. In fact two of the puppies have already been picked up by their adopters!

“Two of the rescues have found their family. The humans faces are priceless,” LongWingNut captioned.

reddit / @LostWingnut

Redditors asked LostWingnut if she would be keeping any of them and she noted that there was one “white boy trying to win my heart.” She quickly added, “But I have 2 dogs already.” However, just a few days later, it seems LongWingnut had a change of heart. She shared that the white dog had won her over and she is keeping “Apollo.”

“I guess this one choose me,” she wrote. “I wasn’t planning on keeping any of the pups..3 dogs isn’t too many right? Hah.”

reddit / @LostWingnut

“He is so nervous being away from the other 6 rescued pups but it’s good for him. I brought my other dogs with me on this trip so he has some friends to help him learn stuff.”

reddit / @LostWingnut

What an incredibly heartwarming rescue. Those puppies are so lucky to have someone like LostWingnut looking out for them!

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